Kristine Moody

writes about entry-level sports, outdoors play, and active family life.

I’m proud of my Scandinavian heritage which instils a coping mindset. Weather, nature, distance and darkness are things to work with, not moan about. Wild swimming doesn’t exist. It’s just swimming.

My native Norway was a fantastic place to be a child, and I’m evangelical about that playfulness and about everyday exploration. It starts with basic navigation, where’s a cool place for that day’s picnic or skimming competition? Food is a huge part of it – what to prepare and carry when you plan a day out! And of course apparel. Families should put as much thought into dressing their kids for the outdoors as adult amateur athletes put into their own sports clothing. It makes for much happier holidays!

In my sofa at home I will watch any rugby match and any ski race with my kids Anna, Magnus and Eric. More than anything though, we get caught up in the frenzy of the football World cup and the Winter Olympics – bring on 2022!

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