Shipping and delivery options

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We want to fix your problem straight away, so please forward your order number when you first contact us!
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I’ve just paid for a purchase – what next?

Your order confirmation sums up the units you have ordered and is emailed to you within minutes. Within one working day you’ll receive your shipment confirmation including courier details and tracking number (when applicable).

I’ve received a courier tracker but the parcel hasn’t moved?

There can be a time delay of some hours between physical courier collection and a tracker scan which gives live updates.

Where do you ship from?

Our warehouses are located across the US, EU and in the UK. We always use the fulfilment centre which offers the fastest possible service to your delivery address, mostly domestic if you’re a US, UK or French customer.

How do I find the exact delivery time?

All our couriers have your email address and phone number for tracked deliveries. Please note that email updates from global couriers can be diverted to your spam folder by your email service. Please check for updates, and please contact your local courier depot if you need to rearrange the delivery slot. You can also manage all delivery slots directly by creating an account on the courier website, using the tracking number from your shipping confirmation.

I wasn’t in when delivery was attempted?

If delivery attempts fail twice, you’ll receive a notice via email to collect in person at the nearest depot. If you don’t collect, your delivery is returned to us. Please be mindful of the resources involved in doorstep delivery attempts. It’s helpful to monitor email updates from the courier to avoid unnecessary trips for yourself or for the courier driver.

I’m planning a purchase – how long will delivery take and what will it cost?

You’ll be fully informed of shipping costs and delivery time before payment. Please add the items you want to your basket, proceed to the checkout and enter your address. You’ll be given shipping options, shipping costs and estimated delivery times for your region. For at a glance tables for your region, please scroll to the top of this page.

I’m ordering for delivery in another country – will there be surcharges?

All orders are shipped with your local import taxes and duties paid. The total price on your invoice/receipt is the final cost to you. Should there be any handling errors by customs or the courier before or after your doorstep delivery, please contact and we’ll rectify immediately.

It’s been a whole business day since I ordered and I don’t have a shipment confirmation via email?

Most inventory is warehoused domestically for deliveries to UK and US addresses and handling is aligned with local public holidays. Most inventory for delivery to EU addresses is warehoused in France and is aligned with French public holidays. Occasionally your order might be processed from a warehouse with different public holidays to those at your delivery address causing a 1-2 day delay in shipment confirmation.

I need more info!

We get back to you fast via email! The more info you email us – order ID, screenshots, photos – the quicker we resolve your query. Our email address is: