Summer Sportswear & Apparel Guide for Kids

Even in milder weather parents need to plan. Beach play, full-on water sports or long bike rides all require back-up changes of clothes. But don’t let that stop you! Life is more fun when you’re not scared of getting wet or muddy. But you don’t want to rely on a heavy back-pack either, and this is where technical clothing comes in. Adults can normally choose from a wide offering of quick-dry or thermal layers, and it’s worth searching out similarly hi-spec materials for kids’ clothing. Technical wear weighs less, fits well, offers loads of zippable pockets for an active day and feels comfortable and insulating when it’s pulled on.

Packing a cotton swim poncho or quick-dry shorts and tops means your kids have something super-comfortable to change into when their body temperature drops, while still providing the option of staying active!

Natural sun cover

If you’re trying to minimise your dependence on sun-screen you need to plan your day with more care. On really hot days you might be safer to opt for a forest walk to a lake rather than spending the whole day on the beach, fully exposed to the sun. Comfortable, vented long-sleeved tops offer day-long protection: tennis brands specialise in clothing which works beautifully when the body temperature rises. Classic watersport tops won’t wick away the sweat as well, but again, kids can cool down with water games knowing that their clothing will dry quickly in good weather. If your child has sensitive skin, then two areas to remember are neck and shoulders as well as feet. Flip-flops can expose your child’s feet to sunshine the entire day, so consider canvas shoes instead. And baseball caps obviously won’t protect your child as well as a wide-brimmed hat – your child might require a lot of “reminders” (nagging) to keep any style of hat on. Particularly if the sun is reflected off water, you should consider a lightweight microfibre neckwarmer as simple protection.

And once the sun goes or the wind picks up, the most lightweight item to pack a big punch is a wind-cheater jacket. Even if you start on your family adventure in glorious weather, we recommend keeping a thin, wind-proof coat on hand for everyone if you’re on the coast or at altitude. If wind exposure isn’t a risk, then a gilet keeps your core warm, doesn’t weigh much and helps your child enjoy their day that little bit longer.